Privacy for Participants

What We Do

PFI collects information from participants in order to invite them to participate in relevant market research projects.

Both participation in any project and the amount of information shared with PFI is voluntary.

All recruiters are guided by current privacy legislation. Personal information is also protected by the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

PFI does not use any information for purposes other than determining whether a person is suitable for a particular project.

When our staff call you about a research project, you respond to an email or survey, we collect information that you supply to us and this may include:

  • • Your opinions and feedback on your use of certain brands, products or services.
  • • Information regarding your personal or professional interests and experience with the services that our clients offer
  • • We may also collect personal information from you including ethnicity, political options, religious beliefs, household income and living situation

Sensitive information will only be collected with your prior consent and only if it is directly related to, or reasonably necessary for the research we conduct.

How We Use Your Information

We undertake not to supply any details, either entirely or in part, to any third parties, other than as required during normal course of business. We do not share information unless:

  • • it directly relates to answers given during the participant selection process (e.g. answers to screener questions and is provided to our client)
  • • it directly relates to identifying you as an attendee of a market research activity (e.g. your name, suburb, occupation, and other relevant details for the activity being undertaken); or
  • • it is required or authorised by law

Some of the information may be shared with our clients in order to provide a snapshot of the research participants and the attitudes or behaviours relating to a specific project. Final research reports do not name individuals involved in the research.

We do not disclose any personal information to our clients for the purpose of allowing them to contact participants directly or for any purpose other than involvement in a current project.

When you register with PFI you will never be approached to buy products or merchandise of any sort. We will not use or disclose your personally identifiable information for the purpose of advertising, promotions or direct marketing activities

Sharing of Personal Identifiable Information

Any information supplied to PFI by a third party (one of the clients we are working with) are deleted from our system at the completion of each research project.

Bank details

Any requests for Bank details are made on a project basis. This is requested solely for the purpose of incentive payment which will be managed either by PFI or our client. We do not add these details to your permanent record so if you have provided these to us in the past for a previous payment, you will be asked to provide these details again.

Accuracy & Access to your Information

PFI strives to keep your personally identifiable information accurate but we do rely you on you to let us know if your circumstances change. You can request to update your details at any time by contacting PFI.

Holding Your Information

We keep your information on our database for as long as you would like to be on it. If you no longer want to participate you can unsubscribe at any time simply by sending us an email or phoning. We will remove your email immediately and change your status so that you are not contacted.

You have the right to request access to any personal information we hold about you. You can do this by contacting the office and your query will be referred to the Director.

If you wish to be removed from our database, there are no questions asked.

Stored information is only accessible by PFI staff or contractors, all of whom have signed confidentiality clauses as part of their employment contract.

Without your information, PFI would be unable to operate. We assure you that we take extreme care in protecting it.

Research with Children

When children under the age of 16 are involved in research this is done with parental consent. Prior to confirming a child’s involvement in a research project PFI will speak with a parent or guardian.

Questions and Complaints

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us:

Phone: 09 529 5540 to speak with the Director


We may change this policy from time to time. Although we intend to observe the intent of this Privacy Policy at all times, it is not legally binding on PFI (2005) Ltd in any way.